Qualcomm releases two home hub products
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SDA624 and SDA212 system SoCs support Android Things

Qualcomm has announced two Home Hub platforms supporting Google’s Android Things.

Jaguar puts Snapdragons under bonnet
Published in Processors

Partnership announced at CES

Qualcomm has scored a partnership with Jaguar Land Rover which will see Snapdragons powering the car maker’s telematics, infotainment and digital cluster, integrated connectivity, and rear seat entertainment.

Apple shareholders call for an end to iPhone addiction
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Want Apple to be less cultish

Apple shareholders, who do not really understand what they have been buying, want Jobs’ Mob to stop encouraging product addiction.

Nvidia teams up with VW and Uber
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Wow that is a serious popularly contest

GPU maker Nvidia has decided it needs more friends in the car industry and is teaming up with the super popular VW and Uber.

CES continues to be men only
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No women keynotes or protection against sexual harassment

CES is looking like a men only event with no women keynote speakers and no moves by organisers to protect women from sexual harassment.

Torvalds says Intel needs to admit it has a problem
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Chips are just not up to snuff

IT’s Mr Sweary, Linus Torvalds has had some harsh words for Intel after the two bug issues were announced last week.

AMD suffers from an "Intel like" bug
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It has fixed it though

AMD has fixed, but not yet released BIOS/UEFI/firmware updates for the general public for a security flaw affecting the AMD Secure Processor.

FCC claims US internet is too fast
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Might allow the carriers to slow it down by half

As part of its programme of reducing costs for monopolistic carriers, Donald “Prince of Orange” Trump’s FCC is looking at allowing the internet to become slower so that carriers don’t have to invest too much.

Apple stuffed as sales people start telling the truth
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Tame Apple Press furious

The Tame Apple Press is furious that truthful sales people are undermining all the efforts it made to make the iPhone X look super cool and value for money.

Nvidia clamps down on datacentre use
Published in Graphics

You pay for it, but we tell you what to do with it

Nvidia has decided that it has had enough of users buying its consumer grade hardware and slapping them in data centres.