OpenSSL promises new fixes
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Full of bugs

The OpenSSL project team has confirmed that it will make available releases on March 19th to fix a number of security defects, classified as 'high' severity. 

Microsoft confirms the death of Internet Explorer
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End of an error

Microsoft has officially confirmed the impending retirement of its Internet Explorer web browser and its replacement with Project Spartan. 

New 3D printing breakthrough delivers unprecedented speed
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You have to see it to believe it

A new company has unveiled a new breakthrough 3D printing process, which it claims is 25 to 100 times faster than what’s available on the market today. 

Smart Barbie creeps out privacy experts
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Also Ken

The new "smart" Barbie is apparently creeping out privacy experts. 

HSA Foundation issues new GPU standard
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AMD driven

The HSA Foundation has issued a new standard which can match up graphics chips, processors and other hardware to boost things like video search. 

Intel’s Core M benefits from Apple hype
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Although Lenovo and other PC players had it first

One of the advantages of being named as going under the bonnet of something Applish, is you have your product hyped by the Tame Apple Press, which would otherwise ignore you. 

New iOS update has nasty surprises
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You get what you pay for

Apple’s iOS 8.2 update appears to have a couple of nasty surprises floating around the sweetness just waiting for fanboys to bite in.

Comcast faces off with the FCC again
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Big purchase on hold

US telco Comcast is once again trying to show the US telecoms watchdog the FCC that it is a toothless wonder.

Blackberry issues a new super secure tablet
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Throw another idea at the wall and see if it sticks

Blackberry, which is fighting to stay relevant has thrown another idea the wall to see if it sticks.

US cops censor Wikipedia
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We don’t beat people up or shoot black people

The New York Police department has a clever way of making sure its story gets across on Wikipedia – it edits the site until it says what it wants.