IBM urged not to repeat its past
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Don’t help another right-wing government purge foreigners

IBM, the company which once helped Nazi Germany efficiently genocide Jews, communists, and Roma is now being asked not to help another right-wing government purge foreigners from its borders.

Qualcomm's NXP Semiconductors deal likely to go through
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EU regulators likely to approve deal

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to Qualcomm's attempts to buy NXP Semiconductors is not likely to be a problem after all.

Toshiba not selling PC division
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No one appears interested

Toshiba has said that it has not entered into talks with any company to sell its personal computer business, denying media reports that it was in negotiations to sell the unit to Taiwan’s Asustek.

Web is starting to die
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17 November 2017

Web is starting to die

Inventor worried it will go the way of the passenger pigeon 

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is starting to fear that the WWW - which he invented - is starting to die off.

Ziff Davis close to buying Mashable
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Online media companies running out of cash

Ziff Davis, the digital media unit of J2 Global is close to an agreement to buy the struggling online news publisher Mashable.

SAP thinks things are bottoming out
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People will start buying expensive esoteric software again

The maker of expensive esoteric business software which no one is quite sure what it does has been having a few problems with its bottom line lately, but now thinks things might be ready to turn around.

Echo show shows up in UK
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Took a while

Amazon's Echo Show is finally ready for British customers after being announced in May.

Nokia releases Withings’ Steel HR
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Withing and I

Last year Nokia purchased fitness tracker, smart scales, and smartwatch maker Withings and has now made the Steel HR available to the public for pre-order.

Samsung starts biggest reshuffle
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Semiconductor managers are the winners

Samsung Electronics has started its biggest year end reshuffle in four years, with executives of the highly profitable business getting the most promotions.

Russian propaganda experts stuff up conspiracy theory evidence
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Putin’s team uses a computer game because Americans will never spot the difference

The Russian government has been cynically manufacturing evidence to encourage US conspiracy theorists but may have been caught out by using some dodgy proof.