Pretty much over for RadioShack
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Ends in bankruptcy with 2,400 stores to be sold

The end of RadioShack is apparently finally at hand. The company has filed for bankruptcy which makes all of the rumors over the last several month end in truth.

A new Toejam and Earl game is coming
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Expect more specifics in the weeks ahead

ToeJam & Earl are on the road to a comeback. Developers Human Nature Studios has announced that they have obtained the rights to developer a new chapter in the ToeJam & Earl saga.

New Warhammer FPS confirmed for 2015
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End Times – Vermintide coming for X1/PS4/PC

How about a new Warhammer game? Developer Fatshark Games is working on a new Warhammer title to be called End Times – Vermintide.

Hardline servers at max for PS4 users
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Matchmaking fails with no server to join

The beta for Battlefield Hardline is pretty popular on the PlayStation 4. How popular you might ask?

Hardline quality shows little improvement over BF4
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Xbox One version still stuck with 720p rendering like last time

Now that the Hardline beta has been out, we have to watch everyone pick apart not the game, but the graphically presentation.

No Xbox 360/PS3 for next Borderlands
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Will be targeted directly at Xbox One/PS4

As the install base of the next generation console continues to grow, it is only reasonable that developers start re-writing and targeting their code for the next generation consoles.

45+ million sold for GTA 5
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Only 10 million of those on Xbox One & PS4 consoles

When we talk about impressive sales numbers they are in the millions. When we talk about the sales of the big titles it in the tens of millions.

Sonic Runners is next for the Hedgehog
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Free-to-play mobile game iOS & Addroid

Sonic has a new game coming from the Sonic Team and it apparently is following Sega's new commitment to develop more for mobile and PC.

Hardline Beta is live on about everything
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It finally here and old school Battlefield its not

The beta for Battlefield Hardline has finally arrived. It is an open beta and your chance to kick the tires prior to the release of Hardline in March.

4K Console revisions later this year?
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Rumors suggest it is coming for both Xbox One & PS4

A number of sources are whispering that both Microsoft and Sony have committed to upgrading their consoles to add 4K (Ultra HD) in an expected refresh to both consoles later this year.