Asus Vivowatch shipping in Europe
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Prices start at €149

Remember the Asus Vivowatch? The fitness smartwatch with 10-day battery life? Well, it’s shipping in Europe. 

MediaTek MT6755 coming to a Chinese phone near you
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Octa-core A53 at 2.0GHz

MediaTek is planning to refresh its mid-range Cortex-A53 line-up with the MT6755, a new 2.0GHz part designed for high performance on a budget. 

AMD R9 390X to launch June 24
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Not at E3

AMD is reportedly planning to launch the Fiji Radeon R9 390X at a dedicated launch event on June 24.

Mlais M4 Note review, Hong Kong gang does it again
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Stainless steel frame and Galaxy looks for $159 

Hong Kong startup Mlais are back with a new phone, or should we say phones. The company was formed just six months ago, but they already have five different phones on the market, with more on the way. 

Dual-boot Onda V919 Air tablet tested
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Review: Bay Trail, 3G, Android and Windows

How about some Candy Crush after a few hours of messing about in Excel? How about using Word with seamless SkyDrive integration, then switching to Android to read a book or two? 

Beelink Pocket P2 stick PC reviewed
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Review: With airmouse in tow

We finally managed to get our hands on a stick PC, but it's not Intel's Compute Stick – it's the Beelink Pocket P2. This is our first stick PC review, but it's not our first review of a Beelink product. 

Sony can’t keep up with Chinese demand for smartphone cameras
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Exmor IMX214 – a victim of its own success

Sony is having a lot of trouble keeping up with demand for its Exmor IMX214 camera sensor, which is currently the part of choice for Chinese smartphone makers. 

Intel roadmap sheds light on Skylake rollout
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Broadwell-E coming next year

A new Intel roadmap suggests the first Broadwell LGA parts will launch in Q2, while Skylake-S parts will come in Q3. 

ARM sheds light on new Android runtime
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Big ART upgrade expected

Android is about to get big overhaul of its ART runtime, but details are still sketchy. The update could appear in the next big release, but there is no official info at this time. 

Windows phones to support Android and iOS apps
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If you can’t beat them…

Possibly the biggest announcement coming out of Redmond’s Build conference is that Windows 10 will support Android and iOS apps.