MediaTek CorePilot 2.0 speaks CPU, GPU too
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Maximizes device performance and power efficiency

MediaTek became definitely a breath of fresh air in the mobile SoC arena a few years back. 

Windows 10 gets the new 10074 update
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Windows Explorer 11 still alive, despite Edge

Just a week after Windows 10 10.0.10061 appeared, Microsoft has released yet another version.

AMD mobile APUs bets on 14nm in 2016
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20nm Amur Cortex A57 this year

AMD is betting a lot at the new Carrizo APU and the company will offer it in mobile and desktop variants. 

AMD has three new desktop 14nm parts in 2016
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After 28/32nm comes 14nm Zen line

AMD has an update for investors and this information was supposed to get to them at the financial conference call scheduled for May. It got out a bit earlier than that and gave us some insight into AMD's plans for 2016.

Alcatel Pop Astro LTE phone lands on T-Mobile
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First MediaTek LTE in USA

Alcatel has just announced that its affordable LTE-enabled Pop Astro is available at T-Mobile. 

Fiji XT PCB to end up significantly smaller than Radeon 290X
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Mainstream card sized

A modern high end graphics card tends to be quite big. It usually needs two slots for the cooler and is between 280 and 300 mm in the length. 

Skylake-S top CPU is Core i7 6700K
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4.2GHz boost quad-core

It looks like there will be plenty of Skylake products and Skylake-S will be the true successor of Haswell / Haswell refresh processors. 

AMD Godaveri - Kaveri refresh comes at Computex
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Summit Ridge Zen 14nm in 2016

AMD is gearing up to refresh its notebook and desktop APU line-up and to launch a refreshed version of Kaveri.

Windows 10 latest 10061 build tested
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Improved performance, new calendar and mail

We have been watching the Windows 10 development cycle closely, and over the weekened we got a notification and installed the latest 10061 build. 

LG Watch Urbane W150 in the shops tomorrow
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Sells for €329

Tomorrow is a big day for LG, as the company is planning to launch its highly anticipated LG G4 phone/phablet and its new flagship smartwatch.