Microsoft still loves mobile
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Nadella denies pulling back

Microsoft is still going to press ahead with mobile despite cutting 7,800 jobs from the Nokia and hardware division, and an 80 per cent write off on the £4.6 billion Nokia deal.

Ballmer's Nokia obsession turns sour for Microsoft
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Time to move on

Software King of the World Microsoft has indicated that its turbulent love affair and then marriage to Nokia is over.

Nokia to buy Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion
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Finns bag a French bagette 

Finland's Nokia has bought French Alcatel Lucent in a stock deal worth 15.6 billion euro.

Nokia N1 tablet has USB Type C and Intel inside
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Thin, very reminiscent of iPad mini

Nokia created a lot of buzz when it announced its N1 tablet in late 2014. The tablet looked well designed and Nokia promised a price under $250. 

Nokia claims it is business as usual
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Ignore the rumours

A dark satanic rumour which suggests that Nokia might have something more toxic in its results is complete pants according to the outfit. 

Nokia to return to phones in 2015
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More away from Windows Phone

We have learned from sources in Nokia, by which mean the part that remained in Finland, that the brand will return to the phone market in the course of 2015.

Intel Mooresfield, USB Type-C, Lollipop

Who would have thunk it

Microsoft expected to make it official

Killed Nokia, wrecked paper industry