Nvidia loses patent case against Samsung
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ITC rules in Samsung's favour

The US International Trade Commission has cleared Samsung and Qualcomm from the claim that they used Nvidia patents without permission. 

Nvidia now faces class-action lawsuit over GTX 970
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GTX 970 3.5GB + 0.5GB memory issue going to court

Accoring to a lawsuit filed with the U.S District Court of Northern California, it appears that Nvidia's Geforce GTX 970 memory allocation issues will have a legal epilogue, a class-action one.


Terms to be difficult for EA

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Claims not dropped by Nintendo


Terms are strictly confidential


Both just want it behind them


Apple hustled over 'iPad' name


Jobs' Mob nicked our books, claim writers

07 December 2011

RIM losing BBX case

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Backtracks on trademark

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By order of the court