NUC getting Core i7, Skylake too
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Next Unit of Computing growing up

Last week we had a chance to chat with Intel people in charge of NUC (Next Unit of Computing) small barebones desktop systems and we learned a bit about the future of this exciting concept.

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Skylake new architecture in late 2015

15.6-incher with 4K/UHD screen

haswell 4770K thumb

Preview: CPU performance looks good

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Cebit 2013: Server guys responsible

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CES 2013: Meet the Razer Edge, 10.1-inch gaming tablet

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3.5GHz quad 84W TDP, unlocked

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Intel Core i3-2348M and i5-3230M

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Intel Core i3-3227U and Core i5-3337U

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Leaks on Intel website