Microsoft in Skylake U-Turn
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Also broke Windows 10 Mobile promise

Software outfit Microsoft has U-turned over its decision to kill off support for Intel Skylake processors running Windows 7 and 8.1 next year.

Microsoft claims it is not auto upgrading Windows 10
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The system has not gone rogue

Microsoft has been getting a lot of stick for annoying its existing Windows users with upgrade requires for Windows 10. But some users have been complaining that the OS has gone rogue and started updating itself.

Microsoft knifes security partner and customer
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The old Microsoft is back

Microsoft seems to be back on form spectacularly knifing one of its long term partners and customers as it seems to be adopting its own rival products.

Microsoft spending a fortune on Quantum computing
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Is Steve Balmer dead, alive or both?

Software giant Microsoft is focusing a lot of its R&D money on quantum computing.

Microsoft delays Redstone 2 for another year
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Wants to cash in on the new wave of devices

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided to delay its next incarnation of Windows 10, Redstone 2, for a year.

Microsoft ports SQL Server to Linux
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Who would have thought that a few years ago?

Microsoft is going to bring its SQL Server to Linux, in a move which would have been unthinkable a few years ago when Redmond dubbed the open source operating system "cancer."

Microsoft releases new video showing DirectX 12 benefits
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Claims up to 20% more GPU and 50% more CPU performance

Microsoft has released a new teaser video which shows the benefitst of the upcoming DirectX 12 API, including better performance, reduced latency and smoother framerates. 

Don’t fear the Xbox PC merger
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Phil Spencer says it is not happening

For a while now there has been talk that Redmond is planning to unify its Xbox and PC OS but it turns out that might not happen.

PCs can do more than Macs
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Advertising war begins

Microsoft has started an advertising campaign which aims to prove that PCs can do much more than Macs.

Microsoft drops the price of its Band 2
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Now a reasonable $175

Microsoft has decided to give the wearable a price cut of $75. This makes the device more affordable with a price tag of $175.