Galax/KFA2 unveils GTX 980 Ti for extreme overclocking
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The GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 GOC Edition

Galax/KFA2, a European brand of Galaxy, has unveiled its newest Geforce GTX 980 Ti graphics card with some rather impressive factory-overclock and high-end custom design.

Galax Geforce GTX 980 Ti OC hits the shops
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Not really a Galaxy

The company with identity crisis and a need to change its name every few quarters has announced availability of its Geforce GTX 980 Ti Overclocking card. 


Nearly two decades of design and manufacturing


Goliath proves too much for David


Preview: Low profile Maxwell with impressive performance


Hall of Fame edition

kfa2 logo galaxy logo  

To be held in Shanghai on 14th of December

kfa2 logo

White PCB with a dual fan cooler

kfa2 logo

KFA2 Geforce GTX 580 MDT X4 EX OC

kfa2 logo

Up to four displays on GTX 570