Beats headphones' obscene margins
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Apple overlords are amateurs

When Fruity Cargo Cult Apple bought Beats headphones it was not clear how much of a marriage in hell the arrangement was. While Apple was famous for its obscenely high profit margins it was a bunch of amateurs in comparison to Dr Dre.

Apple faces more anti-trust music
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Because it is too caring and sharing

Apple's wheeling and dealing with the record labels is under US antitrust scrutiny as it might turn out to be a little bit illegal.

Kills brand in "drive-buy" shooting

Spotify has millions of cash customers

Overpriced headphones for an overpriced brand

Beats valued at $1 billion now?


Says Beats Audio is going nowhere

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Only in one aspect though


4.3-inch HD screen and dual-core 1.5GHz Scorpion CPU