SEC tells Apple to listen to shareholders
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Must listen to a proposal about human rights

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has been told that it must listen to its shareholders when they ask it to adopt policies that encourage human rights.

Apple has shot itself in the foot
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Battery issues will damage 2018 sales

The fruity cargo-cult Apple’s moves to throttle the speed of iPhones with old batteries will damage its 2018 sales, according to Barclays Bank analysts.

Tower of Babel grows as Roku has its say
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Help me, help me!

Roku will introduce a voice assistant with its technology later this year, entering what's getting to be a crowded space packed with the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and more.

Apple says sorry for “misunderstanding” over phone throttling
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All a terrible misunderstanding

Apple has just published a letter to customers saying sorry for throttling older phones which might have dodgy batteries without telling them.

Italians now own Steve Jobs
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You toucha our brand we breaka your face

Apple no longer owns the right to Steve Jobs’ name after a landmark trademark dispute in Italy.

Apple prepares to enter Saudi Arabia
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Fundamentalist religious cult with too much money enters Saudi Arabia

Apple is in licensing discussions with Riyadh on investing in Saudi Arabia and turning the region into a Mecca for Apple goods.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has battery problem
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Tame Apple Press claims it is just copying Apple again

While the iPhone has been suffering from battery problems, thanks mostly to Jobs' Mob's throttling of users for their own good, the Tame Apple Press has been focusing on the rival Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which appears to have problems of its own.

Apple faces more bad news on IPhoneX
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Predictions get gloomier

Staff at the fruity cargo cult Apple will be hitting the Christmas spirits over the holidays as it looks like the company's cunning plan of keeping its iPhone cash cow alive by making users pay more has failed.

Apple loses top chipman
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22 December 2017

Apple loses top chipman

John Bruno moves to Google

ATI and later AMD started the great trend of letting journalists talk to actual engineers. Nvidia followed, and soon I had the chance to meet John Bruno, who this week is leaving Apple to shift to Google.

Apple sued for throttling battery use
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But, but, it is a feature

Apple is facing two class-action lawsuits, filed by furious customers just days after the firm admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones.