Foxconn wants to get into second-hand phone biz
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One owner, old lady used it to SMS her grandson

Foxconn is piling cash into the second-hand smartphone market as part of its efforts to promote environmental protection globally.

Out-of-date Apple will get OLED screens next year
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Better late than never

Fruity Cargo cult Apple is so desperate for ideas it is trying to update itself using OLED technology from its rival Samsung which is used in most high-end Android smartphones.

Apple orders only 4 million more iWatches
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Expecting lower sales

Fruity cargo cult Apple does not have any high expectations that iWatch will sell much more.

Analyst claims that Apple fanboys like pink
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We were wrong

When Apple released a pink iPhone6, how we laughed – but it turns out that Apple fanboys can't get enough of pink.

Brazilian and Indian Zenphone will be made by Foxconn
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Arima for Indonesia

Asustek has named the manufacturers who will be behind its next Zenphone.

Foxconn and SK get into bed with each other
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Close co-operation

Foxconn is expanding its cooperation with Korea's SK Group to cover semiconductors, telecom services and energy.

Foxconn revenues up nearly 20 per cent
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Consumer electronics still strong

Foxconn Electronics is continuing to make a pile of dosh on the back of its consumer electronics business.

Blackberry moves to Android
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Finally gets an update

It is looking like the early rumours are correct and BlackBerry is moving to Android.

Foxconn goes into rehab for Apple addiction
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Gou has a secret plan 

Foxconn founder Terry Gou might have made his fortune off the back of being Apple's pet but he apparently sees the danger of being too dependent on the fruity cargo cult.

Nintendo roadmap for 2016
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Wii everywhere

Nintendo has leaked the timeline of its 2016 launch of its next-generation games console and asked its supply chain partners to start pilot production in October.