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R680 prototypes are up and running

by on05 November 2007


Two RV670s on a single PCB

We have told you a few times about this card, but we can now confirm that R680 is up and running,  However, it won’t be launched before early next year.

The R680 is made of two RV670 chips on a single PCB and AMD is still working on a driver for such a card. This is the card that will make quad Crossfire possible and theoretically, with four of these cards in an 790FX motherboard, you will be able to make even octo Crossfire. That said, we are not aware of any plans for such a platformance or a driver.

AMD has already made the cards with two 2600PRO chips, but no one dared to launch the product in retail; so making the card with two RV670PRO chips was not as difficult, as people had some experience with two cores on a single PCB. The great thing is that a new R680 card consumes less power than dual 2600PRO cards, as its chips are 55 nanometer.

If all goes well, AMD might even demonstrate R680 this year.

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