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8800GT 256MB version comes soon

by on31 October 2007


US$179 to $199

This is the card that Nvidia plans to use to fight the RV 670XT and RV 670Pro. The real catch is that 8800 GT 256MB will have the same clocks, just less memory and obviously, in most cases, will be just as fast as the 8800 GT 512MB.

The card might be limited in super high settings and resolutions, but an average player won’t notice much difference. Nvidia wants to make some money with €250+ cards, especially in Europe; and, after the Halo effect, it will just release the 8800 GT 256MB and sell it for less.

The suggested retail price of this card is between US$179 and US$199, but we are certain that Nvidia will rip off E.U. citizens ask the same price in Euros. The real concern is whether or not Nvidia can manufacture a sufficient amount of chips and whether Flextronics and Foxconn can keep up and build enough cards. And there is another player in the Nvidia manufacturing market called PC Partner, but this manufacturing facility will likely prefer its Zotac brand over the others.

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