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ATI Catalyst 7.9 released

by on11 September 2007


All about game performance improvements


ATI has released a new Catalyst 7.9 version. The new 7.9 version of Catalyst promises mostly game performance improvements, such as:

Far Cry performance improves up to 14 % on the ATI Radeon™ HD2900XT CrossFire™, ATI Radeon™ HD2600XT single card, and ATI Radeon™ HD2400XT CrossFire™ configurations

Call of Duty 2 performance improves as much as 12% with Anti-Aliasing enabled on the ATI Radeon™ HD2600XT  CrossFire™ and single card configurations

Half-Life 2: Episode 1 performance improves at most 9% on ATI Radeon™ HD2600XT CrossFire™ and as much as 6% on the ATI Radeon™ HD2400XT CrossFire™ configurations.

Serious Sam 2 performance improves up to 46% on the ATI Radeon™ HD2400XT CrossFire™ and up to 27% on the ATI Radeon™ HD2600XT single card and CrossFire™ configurations with Anti-Aliasing enabled.

Quake 4 performance with Anti-Aliasing improves 9% or more on the ATI Radeon™ X1600/X1650Pro and ATI Radeon™ X1300/X1550 products in both single and CrossFire™ configurations

The new version also resolves some issues with Windows Vista, XP and Bioshock, Lost Planet, Prey and much more. You can get the new version on DAAMIT's page here.

Last modified on 11 September 2007
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