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MSI 8600 GT goes for the shader clock

by on10 September 2007


The new Over Clock Edition


MSI has announced the new series in its graphics card line up, which will carry the "OC Edition" label. We wrote about the Twin Turbo card before, it is a 8600GT based card with with two separate vBIOS on-board that applies higher clock settings.

The second card that was announced, is also a member of 8600GT GPU based cards. This one doesn't have a button, but it does have a OC Edition label and higher Shader clocks. The card comes with either 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory. The 512MB version's memory is clocked at 1500MHz and the 256MB version's memory ended up at 1600MHz. Both cards have a 128 bit memory interface. There is the difference in GPU clock as well, 512MB version is clocked at 560MHz and the 256MB version's GPU works at 580MHz.

The Shader clocks are also different. The 512MB version's shaders are clocked at 1456MHz, which is still way higher then reference 1.19 GHz. The 256MB version went a bit higher and shaders ended clocked at 1508MHz.

MSI's OC edition cards will have a certain performance gain from these clocks. We hope that the price of this OC Edition card will not follow the clocks.


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