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Asus details its first ebook reader

by on18 January 2010


Says no to eInk

The situation
on the ebook market will be quite interesting now that other players have joined in on the fun, especially if you are someone like Asus, which is working on its own ebook reader, the DR-570.

Apparently, Asus actually doesn't care about the grayscale eInk that everyone has been using and want its e-reader to be more than just a text viewing gadget. According to the first reports and renderings, the Asus DR-570 features a 6-inch OLED display, WiFi and 3G connectivity and an impressive battery life of up to 122 hours.

Another promising information is that this one will be able to show Flash video as well, which might be something that will make it quite competitive.

Unfortunately, the availability is expected towards the end of the year and the price hasn't even been discussed or mentioned. Until it gets officially announced or at least previewed, we can enjoy in this little picture/rendering of the device.

You can find more here.


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