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Wii leads November sales numbers

by on11 December 2009


360 bests PS3 by over 100,000 units

All of the console sales numbers for November are in, and as expected, Nintendo really took it to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; however Nintendo’s own DS actually outsold the Wii. Despite all of Sony’s talk about whipping Microsoft on Black Friday, it would appear that for the month of November in total, Microsoft was able to best Sony by over 100,000 units, which frankly was a bit of a surprise to many analysts.

Nintendo lead the NPD Group reported numbers by moving 1,700,000 DS units and 1,260,000 Wii consoles. Microsoft was able to take third place with 819,500 Xbox 360 consoles sold. Sony was able to flog 710,400 of the PlayStation 3 units, and was able to move 293,900 of their PlayStation Portables (PSP) units, as well.

While the numbers are actually down about 14% over the same period last year, the news was a bit better than expected for Nintendo and Microsoft, but Sony was likely looking for much better performance on the PlayStation 3 with the introduction of the new slim model in conjunction with the recent price cut to $299.

The numbers for Nintendo are actually quite staggering, and really are a testament as to how well the Wii is actually selling, despite the complaints of software developers and publishers that they are unable to continue to sell the kind of numbers that they would expect from a platform that has sold this well. With little time left on the run up to the end of the holiday season, sources we spoke with tell us that it is unlikely that either Microsoft or Sony will be able to catch Nintendo. As for the battle between the titans, it looks like it will come down to the wire, but Microsoft may manage to best Sony again this year in total holiday sales of the Xbox 360; but it will be close.

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