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Tuesday, 28 July 2009 10:52

Aussies Google Bing

Written by Nick Farell


How else to find it?

One of
the fastest rising search terms for Google Australia appears to be the rival search engine 'Bing'.

Apparently while searchers want to find Microsoft's Bing they have to use Google to do so. The term "Bing" appears as the seventh most searched for keyword, just
behind "Twitter". The word Bing crops up again as the second most popular search, also after Twitter, in the most searched for product and service category.

Quite how effective a search engine is going to be when you have to use a rival to find it, no one is certain. However web metrics company Nielsen Online, Bing - which was launched in late May - made no significant inroads into the Australian search-engine market during June. Google says the fastest rising local search terms to date are "swine flu", followed by "Susan Boyle", ‘‘MasterChef’’ and ‘‘stimulus package’’.

For those who came in late Scottish singer Susan Boyle wowed the world with her performances on Britain’s Got Talent, leads the celebrity search stakes, followed closely by the late Big Brother contestant Jade Goody. However the fastest rising searches list does show Australian's favourite obsessions of 2009. We notice that porn and beer is surprisingly absent, but the gay fashion reporter Bruno is on the list.

Fastest rising searches of 2009

1. swine flu
2. Susan Boyle
3. masterchef
4. stimulus package
5. wimbledon
6. twitter
7. bing
8. one hd
9. afl fixture 2009

Nick Farell

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