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Facebook sued for click fraud

by on10 July 2009


Advertisers cross

Facebook is being sued by sports site RootZoo, which alleges Facebook charged it for more clicks than it actually delivered.

RootZoo advertised on the social notworking site from November 2007 until June 2008, and now it's claiming it was overcharged for its ads. RootZoo's analytics programs showed that on a single day it received 300 clicks generated by Facebook, while Facebook chardged it for 804 clicks.

After contacting Facebook and asking for its log files and a refund, it was refused both. Facebook says the lawsuit is unnecessary and baseless.

However, this doesn't seem to be an isolated case. Facebook advertisers have been complaining about similar practicies on a number of forums. Facebook shruged off the complaints saying an isolated bug in an ISP toolbar was to blame.

If other advertisers join RootZoo, things could get quite messy for the social networking outfit.

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