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Chrome OS shots leaked

by on09 July 2009


UPDATED: The real thing or just a mock-up?


Gizmodo has gotten its hands on what seem to be the first shots of Google's upcoming OS, Chrome, but don't count your chickens just yet as they might not be the real thing. However, we're not saying they're not either as there are apparently many reasons why they might be.

The person who leaked them allegedly works for a Acer's part supplier, and since Acer is one of Google's partners for Chrome OS, he was treated to a demonstration of Private Developer Beta. He says the full installation took 10 minutes and rebooting afterwards took 25 seconds, all done on Acer Extensa 4620Z laptop.

Unfortunately, it might be too early for shots as the announcement was only made recently, and the guys from the site made an interesting remark about the location as the person who leaked the photos claims it was taken in Acer’s conference room whereas the photos show floral table tiles. Not much of an argument, but we have to commend their observation skills.

The strongest point arguing that this is nothing but a mock-up is that the colors in Google’s logo are ordered incorrectly. Either way – it’s only a photo and there’s not much word about actual functionality so we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can check out the photos and find out more here.

UPDATE: The submitter has since admitted the pictures were fake, so good luck to him in the future, and may we suggest an art seminar as that would help him with the crooked colors.

Last modified on 13 July 2009
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