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TELUS first CDMA-only carrier to get iPhone

by on26 June 2009


Will have to wait till October till HSPA is up and going

Well, it has finally happened, a CDMA only carrier will finally get the iPhone. TELUS in Canada will get the honor of being the first CDMA-only carrier to be picking up the iPhone. The news does come with a bit of a catch; it appears from what our sources tell us, you will have to wait till October to get an iPhone from TELUS.

According to our sources, it appears that the main reason that TELUS users will have to wait till October to get their hands on the iPhone is that TELUS is in the process of rolling out their HSPA network connectivity, and until they do they can’t launch the iPhone.

While our sources insist that TELUS will be getting the iPhone, we have received very little in the way of evidence to support this claim. While we know that TELUS has already committed to LTE for their 4G solution, the decision to roll out HSPA is a bit puzzling with nothing in the way of an official announcement; and considering that the company already has EVDO Rev A deployed.

While we are not ready to call this a sure thing, what is a bit more interesting is the fact that TELUS is the first CDMA only carrier to be getting the iPhone. Many in the U.S. are already suggesting that the possibility of Verizon or Sprint getting the iPhone is looking at bit more possible. From what we know Verizon has had talks about the possibility, but the terms seem to have been a bit too much for Verizon to take the plunge and cut a deal to offer the iPhone from what we hear. As for Sprint, it seems right now they are a little too focused on the Palm Pre to even consider iPhone at this point.

Last modified on 26 June 2009
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