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Sony defends lack of PS3 price drop

by on05 June 2009


Claims E3 is about content, not console pricing

While many in the industry as well as consumers are unhappy with the fact that Sony didn’t announce a long-awaited price drop on the PlayStation 3, the company is attempting to spin the lack of an announced price drop as predictable, since E3 is about content.

According to various sources the fact that Sony didn’t announce a price drop at E3 is really no surprise, given the fact that E3 is about the content on your platform, not the pricing of it. Sony stands by their announcements at E3 and claims that their content offerings are unrivaled by their competitors.

From where we sit we have to tell Sony that this spin does not change the fact that they are in last place in console sales.  A lot of the reason for this is the fact that the console continues to be expensive when compared to their competitors. No matter what Sony might have you believe, Microsoft, in our opinion, is offering just as much content for the Xbox 360 as Sony is with the PlayStation 3. Yes, there are differences, but if Sony hopes to catch Microsoft it will take more than content; they will have to drop the price of their console.

The bottom line surrounding this is that everyone clamoring for a price cut can’t be wrong, especially when you have both the developers and the publishers publicly speaking out in support of a price cut. Pictures of the Slim PS3 that have been making the rounds drew no comments from the Sony brass; instead, we have now been led to believe that Sony is moving to clear inventory before dropping the slim PS3, which will offer a price cut over the current system. After all, who is going to buy the current PS3 if they know that a cheaper slimmer version is on the way? We can’t get Sony to officially confirm it, but our sources remain firm in the fact that the pictures of the slim PS3 that are floating around are, in fact, real and Sony will announce a cut soon, but it might not be until after the summer months, depending on how sales and inventory look.

Last modified on 05 June 2009
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