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New network cabinets like the warm

by on19 March 2009


Begone frosty racks

The latest
range of racks for computer rooms have dumped the use of fridges to keep the servers chilly. Rackable Systems today announced a new type of cabinet that likes the warm instead of cooling.

CloudRack C2 dumps cooling and a power supply and allows the C2 to run normally at temperatures almost double the usual rate. It also takes out the heat-generating power supply that connects to every rack and connects everything directly to DC power plugs. Instead of a power supply for each rack, the cabinet itself has one very large AC to DC converter.

According to a press release, the cabinet has 99 percent power efficiency because the DC power draw at each rack is exactly what the rack needs at that time. The C2 cabinets can hold up to 1,280 cores, or 320 processors.

The CloudRack C2 is thermally optimised to allow datacenters to operate at up to 40 degrees Celsius and is based on research that shows that datacenters can operate safely at higher temperatures.

Because the rack is not paying for cooling systems it can use less electricity. Of course you could also use the server room to bake cakes.

More information can be found here.

Last modified on 20 March 2009
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