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Kiwi cops nab daft burglar on Facebook

by on14 January 2009


Safe cracking anything but safe

Queenstown police have made their first Facebook arrest, after posting security camera images and video of a botched burglary on the popular social notworking site.

A 21-year-old Queenstown native was identified as the perpetrator by a Facebook user and the unlucky chap is due to appear in court Wednsday.

Apparently it got a bit too hot for him while he was trying to crack the safe in the local tavern, and he had to take off his balaclava and reveal his face to a hidden security cam.

"He was a very silly young boy. The room is really small and it gets really hot in there at the best of times," says the bar's assistant manager, Mel Kelly. "Clearly, he didn't realise there was a video camera there until the last moment. He looks round and sees it and there's just a shocked look ... His face definitely drops."

Obviously, it is quite unusual to have a security camera next to a safe in this day and age, and we're as shocked as him.

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