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3G Aspire One listed

by on22 October 2008



We found
a listing of Acer's 3G-enabled Aspire One netbook, branded A150X-3G (now who saw that coming?).

Two SKUs seem to be on the way, differing only in storage capacity. The 120GB version is priced at €499, while the 160GB model costs €559. The latter seems overpriced, so take this number with a grain of salt, as it should end up significantly cheaper. Charging an extra €60 for 40GB of storage is something Apple would do, not Acer.

Even the €499 model is no bargain, but we hope Acer will team up with telcos and offer some cheaper bundles. The only major drawback is the 3-cell battery. A 6-cell version would make much more sense in a netbook with 3G support.

The 3G Aspire One should be available sometime in late November.

You can find the listings here and here.
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