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Homer Simpson goes on gun rage

by on26 June 2008


Mmmmm gun crime

At last someone has come up with a custom Quake 3 map which enables you to go on a killing spree in the home of the Simpsons', Springfield.

For those who feel that cartoon violence of Itchy and Scratchy is not enough, why not bring your own shotgun to Moe's Tavern. Looking at the video it is somewhat surreal and disquieting.  Besides running around the Simpsons' house with a shot gun to a Simpson's sound track, you can get involved in a fairly graphic shoot up with a shotgun tooting Homer and Frag Mr Burns.

The designer has put a lot of detail into the map.  There are even pig tracks on the ceiling of Homer's house. We guess it will not be out there for long.  This is so breach of trademark which is not funny, even if it is.

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