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OnLive to do a deal with Sony?

by on25 May 2012

Specifics of deal to be announced at E3

A number of sources tell us that cloud gaming provider OnLive will announce that it has reached a deal with Sony to allow streaming of games to PlayStation hardware. Details are sketchy at best, but sources insist that the announcement will come during Sony’s E3 presentation.

A cloud gaming deal for the streaming of titles to the PlayStation does open the door to a number of interesting possibilities for both developers and Sony. The question is, will gamers really buy into streaming titles to the PlayStation? That is really only a question that time will answer.

There is no word on how the service would be offered or how it might be priced, but it could figure into the rumors we have been hearing of a new online pricing tier that Sony is said to be planning to announce. This tier would be closer to how Microsoft charges for Xbox Live. Sony has long regretted that it did not opt to charge a subscription or membership fee, as it has seen how powerful this revenue stream has become for Microsoft; Sony would certainly like to do the same thing. Despite some efforts in this area, Sony has yet to make any serious inroads in online subscription revenue.

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