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Saturday, 07 January 2012 12:19

Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower reviewed - Front and top Panel

Written by Sanjin Rados


Review: Unprecedented control with a saucy price tag


The handles that made Cosmos recognizable also come on Cosmos II Ultra Tower. The Ultra Tower weighs 22kg and measures 33.4 x 70.4 x 66.4 cm (WxHxL). Having said that, it is clear that the handles will be a godsend since the case is really massive. The handles are made of iron and are attached to the chassis.



The mesh grill on the top panel can be removed, revealing room for three fans. 



The top panel will take three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans or a single 200mm one. Cooler Master instaled only one 120mm fan (1200rpm, 17dBA) on the top panel.


The top panel fan is mounted from inside of the case but you can mount it on the outside as well. For instance, if you want to use a 360mm water cooling radiatior, you can do it by mounting the heat exchanger from the inside and the fans on top. 


The control panel is partially covered with a sliding lid with Cosmos logo on it. 


Once we pushed the lid towards the back, it slid away rapidly and stopped with a loud bang. The same happened when we slid it towards the initial position. We checked a few times and saw that the mechanism works like that without causing damage. However, Cooler Master claims that the production version of the case has a much smoother motion of the lid. 


 The control panel has everything you may need, including USB 3.0, eSATA connectors and a powerful fan controller. 


 We won’t talk about the fan controller much as Cooler Master already did it quite well. We scanned the manual and you can find it on the picture below. The fan controller will take up to 9 fans. 


 The front panel sliding door hides three 5.25’ and two 3.5’’/2.5’’ bays. 



The door is opened with a tug downwards. Note that opening it doesn’t require force after the initiall push. Once you pull the door and let it go, it will silently slide downwards. We heard a bit of noise during the initial push but the company claims this too has been addressed on the production models. 





The 5.25’’ covers look nice but are made of plastic. They are taken off by tugging the handle, which seems sturdy enough to last. 




The covers for X-Docking can be locked and we received four keys. Tugging the X-Docking cover will eject the drive via a mechanic handle (make sure you’re using AHCI and hot swap). 




Both the X-docking bays will only take 3.5’’ devices. 



The large mesh grill on the front covers the large 200mm fan (700rpm, 19dBA) and can be easily removed for cleaning. You can replace the 200mm fan with a 140mm one, with extra room on the front-bottom for a 120mm fan. 


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Last modified on Saturday, 07 January 2012 15:57
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0 #1 Deanjo 2012-01-07 16:17
Finally a case with some breathing room. I wish there were more full tower cases out there that didn't look like it was part of the autobot clan. I'll be ordering one of these for sure.
0 #2 jonny80s 2012-01-07 19:43
I'ld buy this case just for the door hinges. I've been looking for one like this for a long time. Modding normal doors isn't too hard, but for the price some of these cases go for... they should be built in.
+1 #3 robert3892 2012-01-07 21:49
Some people might cringe at the price tag but this is mostly an all aluminum chassis except for some bits and pieces. This case is mostly perfect especially if you want to stick an EVGA SR-2 motherboard in it. I have only one very minor complaint. I would have liked to have seen a windowed side panel as I like to show off my hardware.
-1 #4 Deanjo 2012-01-07 22:01
Quoting robert3892:
I would have liked to have seen a windowed side panel as I like to show off my hardware.

Oh heck no. Windows look like crap after a while. I very much prefer the stealthy look. Wanna show off your hardware then pop off the side to show it especially considering how easy of a task that is with the Cosmos line.

Functionality > tackiness
-1 #5 Kryojenix 2012-01-07 23:55
Quoting Deanjo:
Functionality > tackiness

A flat top would be nice then.

I'm always dumping stuff onto the top of my faithful Thermaltake Xaser V - in fact, my router lives there.
-1 #6 Deanjo 2012-01-08 02:13
Quoting Kryojenix:
Quoting Deanjo:
Functionality > tackiness

A flat top would be nice then.

I'm always dumping stuff onto the top of my faithful Thermaltake Xaser V - in fact, my router lives there.

The top acts as a air tunnel for the top fans (like the other Cosmos cases). You would be loosing efficiency in cooling by making it flat.
-1 #7 Kryojenix 2012-01-08 04:46
How the hell would I be losing (not 'loosing') efficiency by making the top flat?! It'd still have holes in for air to escape.

It's only if whatever I dump on top covers those holes that I'd lose efficiency. (note: 'lose', not 'loose')

Although I mentioned my permanently stationed router, which does not cover the top vent on my Xaser V, mostly I was talking about being able to dump a thing on top of the PC case temporarily, versus not being able to put things there at all because they slide off the fashion-handles/roundtop.
-1 #8 pogsnet 2012-01-09 04:23
Why desktops with handle on top is getting common? Does gamerz travel with desktop these days? Kinda odd, and i don't wanna carry my gaming rig anywhere unless necessary.
-1 #9 Loki 2012-01-10 17:26
Well that price s u c k s. In US price is 350$ and in EU 350€ which is not the same.
350$ is around 274€, so here in the EU we are paying almost 80€ or 100$ more. :cry:

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