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Thursday, 10 November 2011 09:14

Talk suggests Microsoft is working on new console

Written by David Stellmack


May use processor with new ARM technology and multiple cores

Some of the potential decisions facing Microsoft on the next Xbox has ignited the rumor mill. The biggest of these rumors suggests that the new console could, in fact, be running a custom flavor of embedded Windows using Windows 8 or Windows 9.

As for the processor, believe it or not, the company is considering a processor based on the latest ARM technology with multiple cores and clocked much higher. In addition, the new console will continue to feature the Metro interact and it will have direct support for Silverlight.

The news even could mean that the development is much further along than anyone really might have thought. Whispers are now suggesting a showing at CES as possible; but not to be outdone, other sources say that an E3 showing is more likely.

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+4 #1 Cartman 2011-11-10 09:44
Windows OS in console possible, but ARM chip in next gen console, i seriously doubt it.
I say it will still be PowerPC, ARM is too weak to be in next gen console.
+3 #2 Exodite 2011-11-10 10:03
ARM certainly has it's niche but as someone who's relying on a high-end PC both for work and play I'd be gutted to have next-gen consoles based on mobile hardware.

PC gamers have already had to suffer through games based around 6 year old console hardware being shoehorned onto the platform, something like this would assure nothing changes.

Also, the bare minimum in console hardware would be something that handles 1080p/60 no matter what you throw at it, as that's the native resolution of modern TVs.
0 #3 Jigar 2011-11-10 10:16
WOW, we are going north...
+1 #4 techno 2011-11-10 10:23
In previous rumors Amd was apparently going to be in all the new consoles so I don't know if this means things have changed? Or it may be a combination of the two, Amd and ARM have been very friendly lately.
So what would that give us? some kind of Arm/Ati based apu?
Wouldn't that be really bad for pc gaming not being x86?
Or could it be a sort of tri hybrid using a primary x86 Amd core with ARM secondary processors all built in with Ati graphics in a new type of APU?
-4 #5 Jaberwocky 2011-11-10 11:25
It actually sounds about right.Low power arm processors chuck out far less heat than Intel or AMD CPU's.Less chance of the RROD when they pack the kit into a box the size of a packet of Fags :-) .

If you think about it, the processor's only there to give the GPU a kick up the backside from time to time. It's the GPU that provides most of the grunt anyway.
+1 #6 darcotech 2011-11-10 11:40
Well, for start, they haven't been using AMD or Intel CPU but IBM PowerPC Tricore CPU at 3.2Ghz if I remember well.
AMD with their graphics seems to be sure bet. As for CPU, ARM did made same great advances, and as for graphic rich games, they need mostly good graphic chip, multicore CPU is there to handle other processes, physics, AI, I/O,...
Low power CPU is probably good for console.
The problem is in retro-compatibility. If I can't play my old games I WILL NOT buy new one.So, that is biggest concern for me.
0 #7 Dribble 2011-11-10 12:58
Just to point out the obvious if they are going for a simpler solution using ARM then that sounds like nvidia not AMD. Nvidia already produce low power ARM SOC's with integrated cpu, gpu, audio, etc of which a higher powered version basically what MS require. Nvidia are already working on higher end version (denver). Nvidia are the ones with the proven gpu compute hardware and software, and have shown their gpu's can run stuff like physics and graphics well at the same time. Nvidia are the ones with the big software team and experience to help bring something like this to market.
+2 #8 gozzak 2011-11-10 16:04
Unless ARM are coming up with some new super chip, this seems like a backwards step
+1 #9 brad 2011-11-10 16:21
or it could be something like trinity from AMD. maybe a next gen trinity. surely something custom. remember, that was a big rumor too.

would be a good fit, power is supposed to be way down too. one chip, one memory pool. microsoft would probably rather use x86, to help port games to windows. i think the big question mark is if AMD can make enough. but i guess a year or two out, they should be able to. it would just be one chip.

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