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Asus EeePC X101 listed in Euroland

by on08 August 2011

€169 for 900 gram MeeGo netbook
Asus showed off the EeePC X101, its first MeeGo notebook, back at Computex and it promised to deliver it with a $200 price tag.

Well, judging by the first listings in Euroland, the outfit has managed to keep its promise as the list price is just €169. The X101 has a rather underwhelming spec sheet, a 1024x600 10-inch screen, 1.33GHz single-core Atom N435, 1GB of memory and 8GB of SSD storage. However, at this price point it is hardly surprising.


On the bright side, the X101 weighs just 920 grams and Asus promises up to 4 hours battery life on its 3-cell power pack. In addition, at 17.6mm it is wafer-thin and it looks pretty sleek, too. Asus also went for a matte screen, which is always a good choice in our book.

Considering the price of Android tablets, the X101 seems to decent value for money. However, we are not sure about MeeGo, or rather its long-term future. Retailers expect to ship the X101 in two to four weeks.
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