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More Llano desktop prices leaked

by on08 August 2011

Mouthwatering 65W parts
A couple of US e-tailers have apparently spilled the beans on Llano pricing and there are some rather good points to write home about.

First of all it is a good idea to take the listings with a grain of salt, but in any case the prices are in line with expectations. Take the AMD A6-3600 series for example, it is a quad core 2.1GHz part, somewhat slower than the A6-3650, but it costs about the same as a 3650. However, it is worth noting that the new 3600 is a 65W part and unlike the 3650 it features Turbo, so it can clock to 2.4GHz depending on load.

The A6-3500 triple core is back in the game and at a mere $100 it should offer quite good value for money in its segment. It is basically a 3600 sans one core, same clocks, same TDP, same HD 6530D graphics core.

As for the A8 series, the A8-3800 should cost $150. Once again, it is close to the 3850 in terms of pricing, but it is somewhat slower, i.e. 2.4GHz/2.7GHz versus 2.9GHz. However, it’s a 65W part and it features Turbo.

There is still no exact launch date to speak of, but 65W Llanos should appear sometime this quarter.

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