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Thursday, 21 July 2011 09:29

iPhone 5 September launch rumored, again

Written by David Stellmack

Product transition will impact quarter
So we have been hearing now for a while that Apple has settled on September for the release of the iPhone 5. The strongest hint yet has been provided in Apple’s earnings report. During the earnings call last might, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that a future product transition would impact the September quarter.

Sources who manufacture the parts that Apple uses to build iPhones have also hinted at a September announcement, but as is its policy, Apple will not discuss future product announcements ahead of time.

In addition to the iPhone 5, hints at a lower cost iPhone continue to fill our inbox. The current belief seems to be that Apple will offer a low-cost, entry-level iPhone that likely is nothing more than a revised iPhone 3GS. We have already seen evidence of this with sales of the 3GS at very low prices with a two-year contract by some carriers.

In addition to the iPhone 5, in the U.S. market it is now believed that both T-Mobile and Sprint will both be starting to sell iPhones at some point after the iPhone 5 announcement. No idea when this will be officially announced, but it seems that a good many of you believe that it is going to happen.
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0 #1 unknown555525 2011-07-22 07:01
Apple seems to release new products every year, and it would only make sense that they would release another iphone. You could pretty much guess it already, I have no doubt that it won't just be the ipad 2's SOC but in an iphone package with little else changed.

I HIGHLY doubt that Apple will release a cheaper model though, I don't think Apple even knows the meaning of cheap or affordable, but honestly it's not like they need to what with all the rabbit maniacs / fans they have.
0 #2 Kryojenix 2011-07-22 08:11
Quoting unknown555525:
rabbit maniacs
hehe :D
0 #3 thaad 2011-07-22 08:57
Samsung GS2 will hit US next month..
And that is why Apple is rush to release Iphone 5 to compete GS2...

I got GS2 and with Android...it's very awesome...

Also heart the rumor that IP5 will come with Android too.. really????..
0 #4 Queentorrent 2011-12-01 16:10
What I've heard about the new iPhone 5 is it's going to have round edges just like the iPhone 3 and 3G. How accurate is this rumor anyway?
I wonder when I'll be convinced to buy my iPhone. I just like to look at the features and that's pretty much it. In terms of riding with the fad, I really am not into it right now. :\

Maybe when the iPhone 12 comes out. That can be something because that's my birth-month.
0 #5 Queentorrent 2011-12-01 16:11

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