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Historical F1 races coming as DLC?

by on13 July 2011

Codemasters really wants to add to F1 2011
Codemasters, who currently holds the Formula 1 video game license, is preparing to drop its sequel to its first offering. While F1 2010 was perhaps better received than expected, the studio wants to get the word out that the F1 2011 offering that the studio is preparing to release is more than just a typical sequel, and it includes many enhancements and additions over the studio’s first offering.

One thing that Codemasters would really like to be able to do is offer some historical racing as downloadable content for purchase by fans. You could get the chance to maybe relive some of the greatest F1 race battles of all time; all it would take is the proper licensing to make it happen.

Codemasters has apparently been talking about the possibility of DLC content since the release of F1 2010, but has yet to find the proper vehicle to make it a profitable venture for the studio. For the time being, Codemasters is apparently looking at the situation and we should hear something soon. In the meantime, F1 2011 will be on retailer shelves on September 23rd for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC platforms.

Read an interview with Steve Hood from Codemasters here.


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