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Monday, 20 June 2011 09:16

Rumors suggest new Sony PS3 model

Written by David Stellmack

Said to be smaller and more efficient
A source from the land of the Rising Sun claims that rumors are circulating within electronics retailers suggesting that a new version of the Sony PlayStation hardware is coming, and will likely be released before the holidays.

The new PlayStation 3 hardware will feature the latest in Sony’s cost reductions and be smaller and more efficient and will feature a cooler looking design. The new unit is said to trim weight off the PS3 slim and reduce power consumption from 230W to 200W. The new unit is also said to come standard with a 320GB hard drive.

The big change under the hood, however, may be significant changes to the design to make the unit “hack proof,” or at least way more difficult to hack. Rumors of a newly revised console have been floating around ever since the first round of significant hacks arrived a few short months back.

Sony never had any official comment, but a number of hackers in the underground claimed Sony would have to make major revisions to close down the holes that the latest hacks exposed; and they could only do this with new hardware. For the time being, it all seems to be nothing more that speculation.

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+14 #1 Warhead 2011-06-20 11:31
The big change under the hood, however, may be significant changes to the design to make the unit “hack proof,” or at least way more difficult to hack

So no GPU with DX11? That's why I LOVE PC!!! :lol:
+11 #2 NickThePrick 2011-06-20 11:41
2nd "slim" version of it? Better make a new one.... yea I'm grumpy today
+16 #3 Boomstick777 2011-06-20 14:39
So sony are going to spend time and money developeing and building a new PS3 just to avoid the current hacks, thing is it will probably get hacked again anyway?

Surely the time and money would be better spent on releasing the PS4 early and getting a head start on Nintendo (Wii u) and Xbox (720 or whatever)..
+9 #4 godrilla 2011-06-20 14:51
"Hack proof" you mean hack resistant to a point!
+5 #5 CrAcKeRjAcK 2011-06-20 15:37
I just wish they would start telling the public about the new generation. People talk all over the internet how they are obsolete.

I know they are working on it, but in my opinion, they do not need to be making new PS3s. They need to be stepping up toward newer consoles to benefit everybody.
+4 #6 jklauderdale 2011-06-20 15:57
As proven, nothing is hack PROOF if you have your hands on the actual hardware. Regardless of that, I still have my original PS3 which plays my old PS2 games. I too am wondering when Sony's releasing a PS4. I'm also wondering if I will BUY one due to their silence after their first attack and inability to secure their systems weeks later. If the new XBox offers 3D BluRay playback then I will most likely drop Sony. Considering they dropped their backwards compatibility, I see no reason to stay with Sony.

Then again, considering MS's delay in acknowledging the RROD and DVD drive issues I'm not so sure they're the lesser of the two evils.
+9 #7 Boomstick777 2011-06-20 16:24
Ah well, as they re design the same old PS3 hardware my PC continues to evolve. It now has BluRay, 16Gb or ram (overkill I know) + HD 6990.

I can run any game at maximum, this is what I love about PC's you can customise it to suit your needs and run any game maxed out now, rather than having to wait for a new console.

A £100 graphics card can now run any game at true 1080P better than any console currently out and its cheaper than a console..
-1 #8 yourma2000 2011-06-20 16:56
Quoting Warhead:
So no GPU with DX11? That's why I LOVE PC!!! :lol:

PS3 uses an OpenGL related API :-*
+5 #9 Boomstick777 2011-06-21 02:02
"Sony has also implemented AACS copyright protection in the CECH-3000B, which is an industry standard for all Blu-ray players sold on the market from 2011 onward. This means this new PS3 will only output 480i, rather than 1080i, over component connections while playing Blu-ray content. This is a non-issue for most people who use HDMI, but severely disappointing for those still using analog connections.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20072606-1/leaner-less-power-hungry-ps3-debuts-in-japan/#ixzz1Prso7lje

The new console won't play MKV BluRay rip's.. Bad move Sony, the more restrictions you put on your console the less people will want to buy it as a media centre...
+7 #10 Boomstick777 2011-06-21 02:08
And lets face it its s**t for playing games, its media capabilities were its main feature..

So far Sony has removed,

PS2 backward compatibitly.
USB ports.
Removed Linux support.
Added cinavia (removed certain movie rip playback).
Added new BluRay copyright protection
(removed MKV x264 BluRay playback).
Removed LED lights, ffs!
Removed 1080i over component

They still charge the same price?!

What will they remove next?

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