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Friday, 15 April 2011 08:56

Nintendo to announce new console?

Written by David Stellmack

Wii2/WiiHD or just smoke screen for a Wii price cut
Multiple sources are confirming to us that Nintendo will introduce or at least announce a new console at E3 in June. A number of other outlets are also confirming this, but in discussions with some of our sources they remind us that it could just be a smoke screen for a repackaged Wii with a price cut.

Those of our sources that remain convinced of a new console announcement say that the Wii2/WiiHD will sport HD graphics support with greater graphics and CPU horsepower than the current generation Wii console. It is expected that the new console will offer backward compatibility to allow owners to play Wii and GameCube titles. It is also rumored to use a new revamped HD controller.

From the whispers we hear, Nintendo has been making the rounds to a number of tier one developers trying to drum up some software commitment support for the new unit. This leads us to believe that if announced in June, it still will be at least next year before the unit will arrive; and if it does early next year, there is going to be very little software for it, as the development window is very short.

Of course, our sources seems to conflict when it comes to the actual raw power of the new unit. Some tell us that its total raw graphics and CPU power will put it on par or a little beyond the current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Other sources tell us that the new unit will rock the house with more raw power than either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, which is hard for us to believe, as it means the price point will be much higher than Nintendo has ever sold a console for.

We have been able to ferret out a couple of things from all of this talk. Our thinking is that Nintendo is likely to announce something, but if it is a new console we have to think that if it is more powerful than the current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony it will not be by much, as it simply would cost too much (which would make the risk much higher). Nintendo has likely no desire to try to go head to head with Microsoft and Sony with a high priced console, and they have a history of being conservative when pricing a console.

If there is a new console from Nintendo it will be backward compatible with at least Wii software. We do believe that the price of the current Wii will be slashed to $149 and we think that is a given. Don’t look for Nintendo to tip their hand before E3, but we suspect that their press conference will be interesting, to say the least. Also, we believe that there is no way that they would try to push a new console out this holiday season because they want to focus on the 3DS this holiday season; we don’t believe they will release a new console this year.

David Stellmack

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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+17 #1 Bignon 2011-04-15 09:27
There is a lot "we believe" in this news! Let us wait until june.
+6 #2 Reality Faker 2011-04-15 10:29
When and if they release a new console, why stick with the love/hate 'Wii' monicker? They have tended to use a brand new name for each (proper) console and if they have any sense they will avoid 'Wii' altogether. It may have done them well but I think it's now got a negative vibe amongst many gamers who associate it with shovelware and minigames. I had a Gamecube and it had some of the best games of that gen, Nintendo need to release a powerful ALL PURPOSE console and let the developers worry about the audience. Nintendo software with power in excess of 360/PS3 would be a beautiful thing. Hope they realise that!

Releasing a new console now that is behind 5 year old tech of rivals would be a big mistake!
-12 #3 TechHog 2011-04-15 12:02
@Reality Faker
You do remember how the GameCube did, right? They have to either aim for both audiences or continue their current strategy. Sadly, there just isn't enough room in the market for three consoles aiming for the core gaming audience. You could argue that Nintendo should go third-party, but even then they would need to either totally change their image to be like everyone else, or end up slowly going bankrupt. Honestly, I think they're doomed no matter what they try to do. Nintendo won't exist 10 years from now.

Also, this rumor is just that; a rumor. The same rumor that has come every year since 2007. It's not even worth reporting.
-7 #4 timmy112 2011-04-15 14:10
Umm..... Nintendo have been known to just double the power of their previous consoles / Handheld devices..... I doubt this Wii 2 will be able to rival the 360 / Ps3 in power and graphics...
+6 #5 TechHog 2011-04-15 14:17
Quoting timmy112:
Umm..... Nintendo have been known to just double the power of their previous consoles / Handheld devices..... I doubt this Wii 2 will be able to rival the 360 / Ps3 in power and graphics...

The Wii is the only time they've ever done that. (The 3DS is way more than twice as powerful as the DS.) In fact, the original XBox was the first time they were beaten in power by a major competing home console. It's not out of the question at all. If what you're saying were true, Nintendo would still be in the 16-bit era. I have little doubt that they will at least match the PS3 and 360, if not outright beat them. All that matters is that they can make a profit while selling at an attractive price.
-15 #6 timmy112 2011-04-15 14:21
Mabey I should add onto my previous comment... nintendo have always been 3rd best in the console world last time I looked, but they do make some really great games, and the wii and the sensor bar was a good idea, but I just think nintendo were a little bit too conservitave with the raw power of the wii....

And when you look at the handheld devices each generation "basicly" doubles the specs, untill the halfway through the Nintendo DS series, when the dsi was introduced it was a bit more than double...
+5 #7 Super XP 2011-04-15 16:58
This is interesting. I knew about a New Nintendo Gaming System ever since the beginning of 2009. But anyway, this system will not be based on the current Wii nor will it be called Wii. Though it's going to support full 1080p HD video and 7.1 HD audio.

The interesting part about all of this is Nintendo wants a head start in the console wars vs. the upcoming XBOX and PS4.

Good job Nintendo, Oh, did I mention this system will also be portable if need be? Whoop’s I said too much....
+3 #8 thomasg 2011-04-15 17:15
I really hope it's more powerful than the 360 and PS3, so if they do port games from it to PC they're not as watered down graphically as they are right now.
-2 #9 TechHog 2011-04-15 20:12
Quoting Super XP:
Good job Nintendo, Oh, did I mention this system will also be portable if need be? Whoop’s I said too much....

lol Project Cafe

As much as I want this to be true, especially since the rumored streaming controller would be an NGP killer, Nintendo never leaks like this. Also, such a controller would be like $100 and make the 3DS look bad.
+1 #10 godrilla 2011-04-15 21:32
so i was right the next console is the wii 2 coming soon not 2015 as Fudzilla stated!

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