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GreenPois0n jaibreaks iPhone 4.21

by on07 February 2011

MAC, Windows, Verizon, European, all
The day has finally arrived. As of yesterday untethered jailbreak for both Windows and Mac and iOS 4.21 is finally out. The hack called greenpois0n does the job within three minutes and the latest revision supports even newborn Verizon phones.

We can confirm that it works all over Europe and local curriers and it works even over untethered Dev-team redsn0w hack. The GreenPois0n is even easier procedure and it doesn’t require the original ispw file of the 4.21. Dev teams latest redsn0w worked only until you reboot your phone after which, reboot would close the vulnerability and you would have to do it again. Not with greenpois0n, it works even after you reboot or run out of juice.

This happens just a week before Apple is supposed to unveil the 4.3 update, but we guess that these hard working guys will find the way to jailbreak it again. On a separate note, there is no word of 2.10.04 or newer baseband carrier unlock and this is probably the longest you had to wait for an unlock, since the original iPhone 2G back in summer of 2007. Remember iPhone 5 is scheduled for release in the last week of June 2011, some five months from now.

You can get greenpois0n for Mac, Windows and even Linux here.
Last modified on 07 February 2011
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