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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 18:09

Sandy Bridge launch on January 5

Written by Nick Farell

Pretty much as we predicted
Chipzilla will launch its next-generation Sandy Bridge chip line on January 5 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to an official statement from Intel, the launch will take place at Venetion Hotel in Las Vegas. In Sandy Bridge, the CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) will be combined in one 32-nanometer piece of silicon. Intel, already the largest graphics chip supplier in the world, will be competing against Nvidia's higher-performance stand-alone GPUs and AMDs' integrated CPU-GPU products and higher-performance standalone GPUs.

When the launch is made, almost every manufacturer in the world will come up with Sandy Bridge. HP, Dell, Apple, Sony, Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba have all announced that they are up for it. Although Intel had refused to name a launch date, the smart money was on it being at CES.
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+2 #1 redisnidma 2010-11-16 18:55
So, who cares? :roll:
-9 #2 loadwick 2010-11-16 21:50
This isn't a dig at AMD as I am a big fan, i have an AMD CPU and GPU. Why? Because they offer much great performance per buck. So when Intel releases a new entry/mid range CPU then people really don't care as they won't touch AMD on a price to performance.
High-end is another story though as at the moment only Intel can do high-end but when is Sandy Bridge high-end coming out? And why are they dragging their feet so much with the high end?
+37 #3 leftiszi 2010-11-16 21:51
Why am I forced to pay for a gpu piece of silicon that is POS and I will never use anyway?
+6 #4 milkod2001 2010-11-16 22:02
is Intel bringing some technology which will switch between integrated graphics for Internet browsing and powerfull GPU(NV or AMD) for gaming etc. in real time?

something like NV Optimus, that would be nice :)
+8 #5 Regenweald 2010-11-17 00:06
Actually, for mobile parts, sandy bridge will be fantastic. The speed is very much improved over the current 'i' series and with their graphics solution nearing or equaling that of a discreet 5450, for a laptop, that is enough for me. I can take a hit on the graphics side if performance vs TDP is amazing. Sandy Bridge seems like it will be.
-10 #6 loadwick 2010-11-17 01:25

This is true, i don't know who buys a laptop to play games but if they did have that purpose in mind then i'm sure they would choose a GPU far better than a 5450, so yes for laptops it looks like a great chip.

Desktops is something else though. I guess for some the GPU power will be fine but most readers of this it won't even be close to good enuogh. so the only reason anyone would want this taking up valuable space and making heat in there CPU is if it controls the main GPU and only turns it on when the on chip GPU can't handle it, thus a great power saver. But it can't. Not only that it can't even be used as a GPGPU.

Bring on the 8-core, quad channel, overclockable LGA-2011 with no wasted die space!
+1 #7 Tr0y 2010-11-17 01:27
Quoting loadwick:
So when Intel releases a new entry/mid range CPU then people really don't care ...

They don't? Maybe Fudzilla AMD fanboys don't care. The rest of the world does.

Look at the numbers for sales of microprocessor chips:

Intel: 80.3%
AMD: 12.1%
Rest: 7.6%
-8 #8 loadwick 2010-11-17 01:34
Oh Tr0y, how i love our little back and forths.

I am sure your figures are all correct but can you honestly say that if you had a limited budget and you would get better value for money from an Intel MB, CPU and your best friends nVidia?
-8 #9 Tr0y 2010-11-17 01:47
Quoting loadwick:
... but can you honestly say that if you had a limited budget

Hmmm ... it seems 80.3% DON'T have a limited budget. Or they simply don't like slow processors with high power consumption.
+11 #10 DazzXP 2010-11-17 02:10
Not intrested it's another socket to worry about, intel you muppets quit satuating the market with lots of diffrent socket type processors and motherbords!!!! Intel = ZERO UPGRADABILITY what's intel on now 4th or 5th socket in two years!!

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