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Elpida ships 32GB Load LRDIMM


Really dense memory
Elpida has announced that has begun sample shipments of its new 32GB Load Reduced Dual In-Line Memory Modules (LRDIMM).

It claims that the beasts are the DRAM industry's highest density memory module. The LRDIMM consists of 72 advanced 40nm process 4Gb DDR3 SDRAM chips in a Double Density Package.

Elpida hopes that LRDIMM will become the new standard for server memory modules. It reduces I/O bus capacity by buffering the I/O bus line with the memory buffer to simultaneously enable higher system density and faster speed.

JEDEC, a standardization body for the semiconductor industry, is studying the adoption of LRDIMM standards. Elpida is actively engaged in promoting its own standard.

Conventional Registered DIMM in a two-way server system only allows a maximum of 16 DIMM whereas LRDIMM allows up to 24 DIMM in the same system. Elpida claims that 24 of its 32GB LRDIMM creates a next-generation 768GB capacity platform, or 1.5 times that of a system equipped with RDIMM.

It has a speed of 1600Mbps, which is 20 per cent faster than the highest RDIMM speed of 1333Mbps, the outfit said.

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