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Thursday, 12 August 2010 08:32

Point of View / TGT GTX 460 768MB Ultra Charged first glimpse

Written by Sanjin Rados

Preview: GTX 460 768 MB Ultra Charged runs at 820MHz

Some ten days ago, Point of View / TGT informed us that the first GTX 460 Charged and Ultra Charged cards are in the channel and they should be on the shelves soon enough. The cards are already listed and available at Alternate.de and the prices stand at €209,90 for the GTX 460 768MB Charged, €229,90 for the GTX 460 768MB Ultra Charged and €239 and €259 for the GTX 470 1024MB Charged and Ultra Charged.

We received the GTX 460 768MB Ultra Charged, currently the fastest GTX 460 768MB card POV has to offer. The card’s GPU ticks at 820MHz and naturally, this left a mark on the pricing as well. The memory runs at 1000MHz (4000MHz effectively) whereas the shaders can easily be calculated by multiplying GPU clock by two. Let us refresh your memory – the reference clocks are 675MHz for the GPU and 900MHz for memory (3600MHz effectively). Note that TGT overclocking team is readying the GTX 460 BEAST card that will run at 850MHz.


With its 820MHz worth of juice, the GTX 460 768MB Ultra Charged card can easily keep pace with the overclocked GTX 460 1GB in Aliens vs. Predator at 1920x1200. We’ll soon know whether TGT Ultra Charged card (overclocked but with less memory and 192-bit memory interface) loses its pace in more memory dependent tests.

As far as the card goes, it’s a reference design so we’re talking about quiet dual slot cooling solution with Point of View’s TGT logo. The cooler is excellent and not even FurMark managed to push temperatures beyond 78°C, despite the fact that the cooler ran quietly and at only 59% RPM.



Point of View included a mini HDMI-to-HDMI converter with gold plated connectors, which is a really nice touch, but we must admit that given the €229,90 price we’d much rather see one of the newer games.



Last modified on Thursday, 12 August 2010 13:58
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-9 #1 SiliconDoc 2010-08-12 16:59
The GTX460 clocks higher than the Ultra Charged, they are all ultra charged, and they all go like heck.
Put two together, and even 5780 crossfire is beaten.
The 5000 gamers series is dead.
Other sites have attempted to produce a current ati win, and so far only triple crossfire 5770 has produced an expensive attempt for the rare 3/3+ pci-e slot motherboards that the ati fanboys can even attempt to crow about, and even that fails to move beyond "kinda comes close to GTX460 SLI".
+4 #2 blandead 2010-08-12 21:49

You're an idiot that doesn't actually look at what driver versions are used. and if the game is DX10 or DX11

If anyone else has noticed DX11 CF is just as good as SLI, however their DX10 CF is much worse, hence most of these game tests are done with DX10 so you see huge gains. Take a look at Metro2033 on high quality and newest drivers from Guru3D and then tell me how the 5000 series is dead?


you'll find similar scores with any DX11 game. So yes, good for you GTX 460 you're DX10 SLI is awesome, but come DX11 its pretty equal. So you know what... keep your pants on please. Most DX10 games will run PLENTY FINE on just ONE 5830 with at least 60fps (except crysis). so who cares.
+2 #3 blandead 2010-08-13 06:38
here is another post where you come and troll and bash. so if u wanted something more relevant here you go.
+3 #4 yasin 2010-08-13 18:22
i think someone is trying to justify buying an nvidia card lol.ati is the way to go, its so obvious i feel sorry for those guys thinkin nvidia gonna give you great performance on dx11

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