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by on02 July 2010

They still want millions
The most expensive, and yet least used domain name in the world, is up for grabs again. is considered the world's most valuable domain name, particularly if you want to flog adult goods. However the fact that it is considered valuable means that a lot of fortunes have been lost trying to buy it.

It last sold for $12million 2006 and was not really used to any great effect. A German firm handling the sale, Sedo said the sale of offers the new owner a unique opportunity to became market leader. It did not work for the previous buyer which was an outfit called Escom which has had to sell it after creditors filed for insolvency protection.

Other domain names have changed hands for much less. sold for $3million, for $1.3 million and for a cool million. The outfit claims that owners of domains like this have a clear competitive advantage. Visitors land automatically on the websites of the owners just by entering what they are looking for. The listing in search machines is also improved.
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