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MSI GX620 Gaming notebook with Turbo Engine tested

by on23 February 2009


MSI is aiming at gamers, so they prepared a couple of treats for them. Apart from the laptop, the box contains a gamer mouse and RainbowSix Vegas 2.

MSI introduced its gift backpack with the previous GX600 generation. It’s quite nice and it’s intended for carrying your 15.4 inch laptop around, but it features enough space to accommodate plenty of other equipment you might chose to carry along. The laptop itself weighs in at 2.744kg


MSI’s optical mouse seems to borrow a bit from Logitech’s G-series, and it’s dubbed the GS-502. It comes with a 1600 dpi laser, but you can use the CD-provided software to increase the maximum dpi count. The metal balls are used to increase weight the way you see fit.

The laptop had no OS installed, so we ended up using our own copy of Vista Business edition. Apart from the brief quick start guide, there’s no other, more detailed manual. If by any chance you end up needing it, you’ll have to visit and download the PDF version. However, it’s a bit strange that MSI will provide you with a backpack and gifts but not with some basic items. Fortunately, the PDF version is translated in many languages.

The Warranty is limited to two years, and you can read more about it in 8 languages found in the thick booklet. The “global warranty card” is translated in 21 languages, and you’ll find it to be quite important if your device fails.

Last modified on 24 February 2009
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