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Pirates of the Burning Sea

by on27 January 2008



Review: MMORPG ahoy!


Pirates of the Burning Sea, the latest MMORPG coming from Sony-Entertainment / Flynig Labs Software, found its way to the shelves on the 22nd of January. Of course, we pounced at the chance to review it, just for your reading pleasure.

After successful installation it’s time to choose among 10-some servers, and this time there are European servers as well, so you won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to play in U.S. “prime time”. After choosing among four factions (British, Spanish, French and, of course, pirates) it’s time to choose your profession. Each of these factions can choose among three professions: naval officer, privateer (under the protectorate of one of the crowns) and free trader.

Each of these careers carries specific skills that have their pros and cons. For instance, traders will have bonuses on manufacturing and trade; pirates will be able to steal ships, whereas naval officers will get ships as rewards for successful missions. This, of course, doesn’t mean that traders won’t be able to fight, but due to their profession naval officers will have certain advantages.


As far as character design goes, you’ll have a huge palette of clothing, footwear and hairstyles at your disposal. There are even different glass eyes and peg legs, all to make you as unique as you want to be.

You spawn in a town and a simple tutorial guides you through the first couple of missions, and explains the basics of building, manufacturing, naval and land combat.

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