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Patriot Xporter XT 32GB stick exposed

by on28 December 2007


Preview: 10MB/s write and 30MB/s read

We had the opportunity to test a small storage giant. Patriot was one of the first to materialize a 32GB memory stick, and even if it looks a bit thicker than most of the smaller sticks, it still fits your pocket perfectly.

This is not all; the rubber case is water and shock resistant and it will write files at an average speed of 9.33MB/s.

Last time we tested a giant USB key, Corsair’s Voyager 16GB was able to reach about 5MB/s. This means that Patriot’s Xporter XT is one of the biggest and fastest USB keys currently available.

We took a few pictures next to Corsair’s Voyager GT and the oval shape of Corsair makes it looks thinner than it really is. The square shaped Patriot XT looks thicker, but in reality it is identical or a millimeter thicker.

At the same time, it can read up to 30MB/s, which makes it incredibly fast, and this combination will make it  one of the best solution available. This is the fastest, biggest driver that we ever tested, but give us some time before we are ready with the full review.

It will cost $265, which is a lot; but for the price you get the lifetime warranty. Just think about the 32GB memory on a keychain and it will make this price more reasonable. In contrast, Corsair gives you only a year warranty on its 32GB drive.

You can enjoy the pictures.




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