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Curtains for netbooks

by on29 December 2009


Fad over

The fad
for useless but very small computers is over, as 2010 will see the netbook vanish. Rising prices and better alternatives may mean curtains for netbooks.

According to the BBC while the small portable computers were popular in 2009, industry watchers are convinced that netbooks days are numbered. Prices are going up, net-using habits change and other gadgets take on their functions, netbooks will become far less popular.

Apparently users don't want anything that basic any more. Netbooks first appeared in 2008 when Asus launched the Eee PC 700 and 701. The 700 sported a 2GB solid state hard drive, 512MB of Ram, a 900MHz Intel Celeron processor and a seven-inch screen.

It was a great idea for those wanting to check e-mail and go online while out and about. But now the cost is getting close to £350 which is similar to a proper laptop, so people are wondering why they should bother.

Smart phones are also taking over some of the slack of people who want to check their email on the move and not carry extra gizmos with them. Of course it is still difficult to write a news story on a smart phone, but with the battery life of thin and light laptops getting to about 10 hours who needs a netbook.
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