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New Atom to bring $249 netbooks

by on27 October 2009


N450 based

Intel plans
to launch its new Atom for netbooks N450 on Janury 3rd. This CPU won't bring much performance boost compared to the old one, but with its 1.66GHz and integrated memory controller and graphics has an impressive TDP of 5.5W.

Intel is going from three chips to only two chips in this new Pine Trail M platform. The new netbooks will drop its price from current suggested retail price of $299 to $249-$299 depending on the configuration.

This kind of money will get you Atom N450 at 1.66GHz, NM10 southbridge, integrated graphics and memory controller, all in CPU, Condor Peak WLAN as well as 512MB to 1GB DDR2 memory. Intel suggest its followers to use 16 to 20GB SSD drives or alternative 120GB hard drives.

A choice of three operating systems will be available. Intel is trying to push its own Moblin Linux but Windows XP Home and WIndows 7 Starter are also possible options.

The screen size can vary from 7 to 10.2 inch and battery of 4-cell of smaller. Intel is trying to convince the world that Atom netbooks are "Simple, affordable devices for Internet use" and nothing else.
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