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Calpella promises faster graphics

by on06 July 2009


That is with Arrandale

Intel is still very quiet about the performance of its Arrandale 45nm graphics core, but it is telling its partners that it should end up faster than Cantiga platform.

Arrandale will be the only CPU that as a part of the Calpella platform can provide better HD experience and 3D performance, at least over Cantiga chipset.

Arrandale comes in a 34x24mm package which is slightly bigger than Core 2 package that usually measures 22x22nm, but at the same time, this is the first CPU with an integrated IGP. If you don't know it by now, Arrandale should start shipping in Q1 2010.

We are quite confident that Intel’s new dual core 32nm CPU with 45nm graphics integrated should be able to play HD 1080p just nicely, and Sims should run like a charm, but don’t expect anything better than that.

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