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A new GTA IV PC trailer emerges

by on08 October 2008


As the launch draws near


The much awaited PC version launch of everyone's favorite steal-bash-drive-spoil-your-child game sequel, GTA IV, is soon hitting PCs worldwide. PS3 and XboX versions already launched, but PC versions traditionally bring that little bit of extra, and although we’re all impatient, we’ll have to do with the trailer until the wait is over.

The trailer itself looks really nice, with some good looking graphics, but although always desirable, we all know that graphics were never what this game was about. There, I said it – it’s just that their storyline was always so captivating that I never thought “hmm, does that building/window/tree really look realistic?” Instead, I just played to see what happens next, and run over a couple of innocent bystanders while I’m at it.

Anyway, you can view the trailer here, and in case you want to look at it in a more meticulous manner, you can view the screenshots here.

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