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Pro Evo 7, GTA4, Alan Wake, Halo 3, all coming

by on09 July 2007


Xbox 360 gets some hot titles

Our sources has confirmed that you should be able to get these four hot titles before the Xmas time this year. We are talking about Pro Evo 7 soccer, Grand Theft Auto 4, Alan Wake a psycho triller from the guys who are well known for Max Payne and of course the big Halo 3.

All this cards are coming shortly but we could not get any dates except we learned that the development of Halo 3 should be done by very late September. We are not sure when will the game ship to the end customers.

Microsoft's big chance is to get the cool and exclusive games just for its console and it also benefits from the XNA as it will be able to port the games from Xbox 360 to PC. It does look ugly as we've seen with Lost planet but at least its possible.

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